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File transfer, for you.

Whether you're a creative professional exchanging media files with your colleagues, a media outlet generating terabytes of raw video every day, or a data scientist moving datasets into place for processing, Filefish gives you the tools you need to move your data around the world effortlessly.

Low-touch integration

Using sleek, minimalist apps and web services, Filefish integrates with desktops, servers and mobile devices in a simple, low-touch way.

Secure by design

We don't store your data, we just move it. We have no interest in your data beyond delivering it to its destination as expediently as possible. In fact, thanks to end-to-end encryption, we can't even see it - and neither can anybody else.

Robust, accelerated delivery

Filefish automatically compensates for adverse network conditions, such as high-latency, lossy links to the other side of the globe, ensuring you always get the most out of your network capacity.


Filefish is currently under early development. We'd love to hear your thoughts on how it could work for you.